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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Let It SNOW!

We just received our first real snow in Hamilton this season.
I especially love how it outlines the ponds and makes them stand out! 
I just love a good snow storm. When the earth is covered in a beautiful blanket of white. You look out the window, and see that she's peaceful. Happy. She basks in her pure beauty. Now of course, each season holds its own kind of beautiful. But a white dusting is gorgeous!
Enjoy the beauty all around you. God gives us these things for our JOY!

We don't always have snow in Hamilton, but every season is awesome. We look forward to sharing Hamilton's beauty with you. Book your stay today!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Deck the Halls!

Meg has been bringing the Christmas Spirit at the house. She spent most the weekend making it as cozy as possible for all of our December guests! 

Tree in Main Sitting room

I absolutely LOVE that the stairwell isn't just garland. Beautiful! 

This shows the sitting room fireplace, mantle and tree. Hooray for stockings!

Close up of the mantle.

Funny story behind this tree. I had a tree shipped to the house to use this Christmas. The pictures online of this 7.5' tree were beautiful! When it arrived, it was a cheap, yucky tree. I was so sad. Meg didn't take that as a negative. Instead she used just the top half and created this gorgeous tree for the dining room. MEG! AHHH I LOVE IT!!

Kitchen island runner. 

In the kitchen...

Breakfast area has these super cute milk jugs from Shatto. Meg made them so cute for Christmas. They will be fun and versatile for every holiday!

Dining Room.

Close up of counter and tree in dining room.

And a final look at the sitting room. Way to go MEG. Now I need to come enjoy it all!

You can visit us during the month of December and enjoy all these decorations too. Visit We look forward to hosting you!!