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Tuesday, December 31, 2019


2020 began wonderfully with sunny skies, time with family and some quilting!!

We are excited for all the new adventures 2020 will bring us and all the new guests and familiar faces too!

Expect to see a few things from us in 2020

  • Cameron will head out on his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - he reports to the mission on February 19th and will serve 2 years in the Czech Slovak Mission!
  • Phase 2 of the Pond Project
  • A brand new garden spot and some delicious fruits from our trees!
  • A zipline in the backyard
  • A dirt bike track (way out back)
  • Dakota is hoping to complete a few quilts!
  • She is also hoping for a little bit of renovation on a treehouse closet!
  • More baby animals-hoping for puppies!!
  • Phase 2 of the Missouri Quilt Museum --so excited!
Here we go-join us!!

The businesses in Hamilton have a lot planned as well. Here are just a few of the activities planned:

JANUARY    18            “Snowed In” Craft Day- Hamilton Event Center
                       1-31     “Snowed In” Quilt Show- Missouri Quilt Mus.
FEBRUARY 15 th         Lakeview Mouse Races
                      29 th         Men’s Chili Cookoff
MARCH       13th       “Feeling Lucky” Pot of Gold Treasure Hunt
                     1-31       Good as Gold Quilt Show- Missouri Quilt Mus.
APRIL          4 th       Pothole Festival
                     11th       Easter Hunt & Celebration
MAY            16 th           Butterfly Festival
                     1-31       Butterfly Quilt Show – Missouri Quilt Museum
JUNE           11-12 th     Missouri Star Academy
                     10-13th   Chalk the Block -Missouri Quilt Museum
JULY            4 th         Hamilton Celebrates 4 th of July
                     3rd       Old Glory Craft Day - Hamilton Event Center
                    1-31   Land that I Love Quilt Show – Missouri Quilt Museum
AUGUST    14-16 th   NW MO Steam and Gas Engine Show
                    1-31st    Block the Block Quilt Show - Missouri Quilt Mus.
SEPTEMBER 24-25 th     Missouri Star Quilt Birthday Bash
                    25-26 th     J. C. Penney Days
                    26 th     Hamilton .1K Marathon
                    26 th     Hamilton “Anything Goes” Car Show
OCTOBER 1-31     Scarecrow Festival/Contest
                   17-18 th   Steam & Gas Engine Fall Festival
                    5-31       “Pumpkin Patch” Quilt Exhibit
NOVEMBER 1-30       Scarecrow Festival
                    1-14       “Pumpkin Patch” Quilt Exhibit
DECEMBER 5 th Christmas Expo
                       5 th Hamilton Holiday Home Tour
                    5th, 12, 19th Christmas Quilt Show – Missouri Quilt Museum
                    16-20th Hamilton Christmas Creche Display - Hamilton Event Center

Visit Hamilton at:

ATTRACTIONS: Missouri Star Quilt Company – 12 different quilt shops!

J. C. Penney Museum

J. C. Penney Boyhood Home
Missouri Quilt Museum
NW MO Steam & Gas Engine Grounds
Hamilton Butterfly Park
Highway 13 Butterfly Trail
World’s Largest Spool of Thread

Monday, December 9, 2019

Open Sew Day at Hotel Hamilton

Once a month we hold and Open Sew day at Hotel Hamilton & Event Center

This gives all of us an opportunity to get together, visit and work on projects! 

Bring your UFO's
Start a new project
Come and visit with friends
Bring a hand sewing project
Finish the binding

No charge, JUST come!!
And bring a treat to share. No one minds treats!!!

For a full calendar of Open Sew Dates
OR join the group Hamilton Quilters on Facebook 

Monday, December 2, 2019

Party with the Doan Girls in Hamilton!!

There ain't no party like a Hamilton Party, especially when it's with the DOAN GIRLS!!!

February 18-21, 2020

Jenny Doan and her daughter Natatlie, and daughter in law Misty are doing their first ever retreat together!! It is going to be one for the books, and I am so excited to be a part of it.
The retreat will be happening at two locations, the Sewing Center of Missouri Star Quilt Company and at the Event Center of Hotel Hamilton

You can purchase your tickets HERE

We are so excited to announce the first ever Doan Girls Retreat coming to Quilt Town USA in February 2020. Imagine spending time learning from the one and only Jenny Doan and her girls, Natalie and Misty. They truly are an inspiring, fun loving family. Their quick wit and sense of humor will keep you in stitches. You will love spending time sewing and laughing with the Doan girls.
All of the projects are yet to be determined, but don't worry, you will love them!! There will be a couple of large quilts and a couple of smaller projects to work on. All of the fabric you need will be supplied (minus the backing). You only need to bring your favorite basic sewing supplies and notions. You can bring your own sewing machine or you can reserve a sewing machine online. The shops will be open if you happen to forget something or need a new spool of thread! Jenny and her girls will be sharing their favorite quilts, patterns, notions, and more. Please come and join us for our very first Doan Girls Retreat in Hamilton, Missouri.
All of our handicapped guests for the Doans Girls Retreat will be placed at Hotel Hamilton (703 West Berry Street) where all rooms are ADA compliant.

Hotel Hamilton:

Hotel Hamilton is a retreat style hotel in Hamilton, Missouri. The hotel is made up of 6 guest suites. Each suite includes 2 bedrooms, 3-4 bathrooms and a sitting room with cable TV. Each bedroom is a shared room and has 5 twin beds. Essentially your shared suite will have 10 guests (all of the same gender) and you will share 3-4 bathrooms in your suite. All suites are on ground level. The sewing space is just steps away in the event hall.
In the event hall each retreater will enjoy 6 feet of table sewing space with great lighting in a beautiful and large room for the entire group. Sewing Machine Kits are available, if needed, during your stay although we encourage you to bring the machine you are familiar with. Group cutting and ironing stations are provided.
We have a full open kitchen available for guest use during your stay including ice machine, microwaves, fridge, etc.
Hotel Hamilton is 7 blocks from Missouri Star Quilt Company and it's Sewing Center. Shuttle services are provided by Hotel Hamilton for all retreaters to and from Missouri Star Quilt and other locations within the city limits of Hamilton.

Monday Early check in to the Hotel:

If you are wanting to get an early start on the retreat or your flight brings you to Hamilton Monday, you may check in after 4:00 pm. The cost ia $50 per person per night and is payable when you arrive.
Cindy Morris
Retreat Coordinator Extraodinaire
Missouri Star Quilt Company Retreat Center



9:00 am - 3:00 pm Arrival, Set Up, Shopping, Open Sew Time

3:00 - Orientation Meeting

6:00 pm Dinner

The rest of the schedule to follow.

Sewing tables - We do have assigned seating for sewing. If you are traveling with friends and would like to sit together to sew, please contact:

Special Diets----- Email

Meals - Eight meals are provided with each retreat. A continental breakfast will be served Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday mornings. Friday will be a hot Farewell Breakfast. All starting at 8:00 am. Our continental breakfast includes cereal, oatmeal, toast, bagels, yogurt, cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs, & fresh fruit. Lunch and dinner will be provided by our local caterers.
Snack Table - We set out a snack table and encourage you to bring a snack to share with the group.
Shipping - There is free shipping for all of our United States guests who spend over $100 in the shops. We have reduced shipping rates for our foreign customers.

You can bring your unfinished projects from home, or drop in at our stores in town to purchase anything you may want to start something new. PLUS.....our sewing/activity and kitchen areas are available for you to use 24 hrs. a day! And, when you're ready to turn in, you'll sleep like a log in our comfy, cozy beds.

Ages 18 and over please.

+ 8 Meals
+ Unlimited access to our spacious and well-lit sewing space
+ Tables for cutting
+ Ironing boards and irons
+ Sewing tables and electrical outlets
+ A full kitchen (microwave, stove, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher)
+ Dishes, mugs, flatware
+ Two coffee pots
+ Super comfy, cozy beds
+ Bed linens and towels
+ Sewing machines available for use during retreat as available.
+ "Sewing essentials" kit (cutting board, rotary cutter, ruler, scissors) available for use during retreat as available.

+ Sewing machine (optional, we do have machines to use)
+Thread if you are using our Babylocks
+ Power strip or extension cord
+ Cutting board, cutter, rulers, scissors (optional, we have "sewing essentials" kits to use)
+ Ironing board and iron (optional -- we will have some available for use)
+ Food or Soda (dining options listed above and Hy-Klas Grocery Store 1/2 block from the retreat center)
+ Casual, comfy attire
+ Personal toiletries, blow dryer, ear plugs and pj's
+ Something cushy for your "tushy" (optional)
+ Personal sewing lamp (optional)

We are located 15 minutes east of I-35 and MO Hwy 36, approximately 60 miles north of Kansas City. If you are flying in, you'll want to fly into Kansas City International airport. We are a little over an hour from the airport
REFUND POLICY: This is a NON-REFUNDABLE REGISTRATION. In the event that you register than are unable to come, you may transfer this registration to someone else.

QUESTIONS? Contact us at


Shuttle Options:

Nate Fish 816-527-3037 (Uber Driver)

Liz Manely 816-351-9172 (Shuttle Driver)

Keith Gilbert 816-295-8606 (Inn Transit)