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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

2 Crazy Ladies are on their way back!

I am so excited to welcome 

Karen Miller and Wendy Sheppard back to Hamilton.

Last fall these two crazy ladies (to know them is to love them!) came to Hamilton to host a retreat at Hotel Hamilton. They are a bundle of joy! We laughed, then laughed and laughed some more. 
And there was a lot of sewing in there too!
Karen and Wendy both have a passion and an incredible gift 
for Free Motion Quilting.

They will teach the basics of free motion from two different brains and perspectives. (We all learn differently!) They are super fun, non-judgemental, extremely patient and great teachers! 
They wrap it all up with a ton of laughs and joy!

To make it even better, both Wendy and Karen are Aurifilosophers. They know a thing or two about thread and are willing to pass on all of that knowledge to make all your future projects even greater!

To follow Karen and her amazing brain find her at Redbird Quilt Co and follow her on Instagram @redbirdquiltco or on facebook 

All the beautiful things Wendy makes can be found at WendySheppard and @ivory_spring on Instagram or Facebook 

These two ladies are sure to brighten your day!

Lucky for us, they are on their way back, and we couldn't be more excited!! 

JOIN US in Hamilton, MO!!!

You can register for the event HERE!

Monday, January 20, 2020

ICE Storm

I come from a land of a lot of snow...the greatest snow on earth, actually..... UTAH!!

Snow has never intimidated me, or kept me from going out and getting things done.
However, the ice that we experience in Missouri is not snow! It's a death defying roller coaster with no brakes!! Just leaving the driveway is near impossible! You would think this would be a problem, but nope!! I just soak it in. We play games, watch movies, sew, and craft! The Redford's look forward to a good ice storm or freezing rain because it helps us slow down and enjoy each other!!
The last two weekends we have been "iced in" and I have ZERO complaints!!

Monday, January 13, 2020

A Memory Quilt

Four years ago, after visiting the Bed & Breakfast with the boys, we decided to ask our guests to help us with a special project.
How great would it be to make a quilt, one block each representing our guests. It was a little far fetched at the time to think I would ever have more than just a wall hanging. However, guests responded with so many BEAUTIFUL blocks. I just pieced together the last of this Quilt. It will be our "first four years". It is incredible to look at each of these blocks, to think of the guests, the memories!
I look forward to the next four years with great joy! I am so blessed!!