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Tuesday, December 31, 2019


2020 began wonderfully with sunny skies, time with family and some quilting!!

We are excited for all the new adventures 2020 will bring us and all the new guests and familiar faces too!

Expect to see a few things from us in 2020

  • Cameron will head out on his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - he reports to the mission on February 19th and will serve 2 years in the Czech Slovak Mission!
  • Phase 2 of the Pond Project
  • A brand new garden spot and some delicious fruits from our trees!
  • A zipline in the backyard
  • A dirt bike track (way out back)
  • Dakota is hoping to complete a few quilts!
  • She is also hoping for a little bit of renovation on a treehouse closet!
  • More baby animals-hoping for puppies!!
  • Phase 2 of the Missouri Quilt Museum --so excited!
Here we go-join us!!

The businesses in Hamilton have a lot planned as well. Here are just a few of the activities planned:

JANUARY    18            “Snowed In” Craft Day- Hamilton Event Center
                       1-31     “Snowed In” Quilt Show- Missouri Quilt Mus.
FEBRUARY 15 th         Lakeview Mouse Races
                      29 th         Men’s Chili Cookoff
MARCH       13th       “Feeling Lucky” Pot of Gold Treasure Hunt
                     1-31       Good as Gold Quilt Show- Missouri Quilt Mus.
APRIL          4 th       Pothole Festival
                     11th       Easter Hunt & Celebration
MAY            16 th           Butterfly Festival
                     1-31       Butterfly Quilt Show – Missouri Quilt Museum
JUNE           11-12 th     Missouri Star Academy
                     10-13th   Chalk the Block -Missouri Quilt Museum
JULY            4 th         Hamilton Celebrates 4 th of July
                     3rd       Old Glory Craft Day - Hamilton Event Center
                    1-31   Land that I Love Quilt Show – Missouri Quilt Museum
AUGUST    14-16 th   NW MO Steam and Gas Engine Show
                    1-31st    Block the Block Quilt Show - Missouri Quilt Mus.
SEPTEMBER 24-25 th     Missouri Star Quilt Birthday Bash
                    25-26 th     J. C. Penney Days
                    26 th     Hamilton .1K Marathon
                    26 th     Hamilton “Anything Goes” Car Show
OCTOBER 1-31     Scarecrow Festival/Contest
                   17-18 th   Steam & Gas Engine Fall Festival
                    5-31       “Pumpkin Patch” Quilt Exhibit
NOVEMBER 1-30       Scarecrow Festival
                    1-14       “Pumpkin Patch” Quilt Exhibit
DECEMBER 5 th Christmas Expo
                       5 th Hamilton Holiday Home Tour
                    5th, 12, 19th Christmas Quilt Show – Missouri Quilt Museum
                    16-20th Hamilton Christmas Creche Display - Hamilton Event Center

Visit Hamilton at:

ATTRACTIONS: Missouri Star Quilt Company – 12 different quilt shops!

J. C. Penney Museum

J. C. Penney Boyhood Home
Missouri Quilt Museum
NW MO Steam & Gas Engine Grounds
Hamilton Butterfly Park
Highway 13 Butterfly Trail
World’s Largest Spool of Thread

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