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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Evening Star

When I chose for the Bed & Breakfast to be our Home Inn Hamilton, obviously Quilt Town USA had a lot to do with it. Quilters are genuine, good and charitable people. What better guests to invite into your home? With that, I knew that each room must be named after a quilt block!

First up, Evening Star.

Evening star looks out to the front yard (and that white cat-- still getting to that story one day). 

The chair in the corner is a sturdy solid wood chair. I love it! Simple lines. Beautiful. (yard sale find)
Do you see the quilt in the corner on the chair? That quilt is very special to me. Ryan's grandmother Millicent Redford made that quilt for me. Just for me. Why? I organized the family reunion. (A lot of work, but I love planning parties!) For a quilt, I would organize it every time it comes up!! I love quilts! She spent so many hours on this beauty! It has creams and pinks and browns in tiny squares! Oh, how grateful I am to have a piece of Grandma Millie in our home. 

I found the beautifully sculpted wood bed at an estate sale in Utah. (Most of the furniture was aquired this way) I wanted a certain feel for the BnB that couldn't be achieved with modern furniture. The size and weight of this piece is awesome! It was one of the first we purchased for the BnB. The bench and mirrors came from a sale here in Missouri about 20 miles away. Lamps too. As you can see the powder room is en-suite (for all our rooms).

Evening Star bathroom has a combined tub and shower, stool and sink. It is our smallest of the bathrooms but still large enough to get the job done!

When we first bought the house, this room was lime green with monkeys! An adorable little girls room transformed into this calming and enjoyable space to get some shut eye!

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