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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

No TV, just conversation

After taking in the GINORMOUS kitchen you can turn 180* to this warm and welcome living room.

The wood work throughout the house is stunning. One of my favorite features is the oak wood wall surrounding the fireplace. I originally thought there was too much wood. I have changed my tune. It is so warm and welcoming. This living room begs for conversation. Sit, relax and enjoy one another. 

Again, just like the dining room, the windows in this room bring me such happiness! There is so much beauty out these windows. From the animals scampering, the sunlight gleaming off the water on the pond, all the green (Missouri is sooo green) and one of my favorite things in that back yard... the boys in a game of football. Oh, how they make me smile!

When we moved here, of course, I added the massage chair to the corner. Many a guest of Home Inn Hamilton has relaxed in that chair. Rarely a day goes by that I don't get enveloped in it. And you see, no TV in this room. People in real life are so much better! I love my home!

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