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Monday, January 7, 2019

Perfectly quaint dining room

Right off of the beautiful staircase (still makes me giddy) is a formal dining room.

Now I have to admit, when I first saw the wall paper in the dining room, I wanted to rip it all out! Every single bit of it. It has grown on me. A LOT. Not only do I not mind it anymore, it fits. The house loves it. So many stories, laughter, tears, testimonies born, this wall paper has seen it all. Oh to be one of those bunches of grapes, haha!

Not to mention sitting in these chairs and staring out these windows into all that God has created! Between squiggy the squirrel, the goats, the robin and her nest, and the morning parade of ducks. This room holds a very special place in my heart! And, we can't forget the white cat that becomes the topic of discussion on far too many mornings! (That is a later post)

And, built-in China hutch!! This house has so many of my favorites!!

Double doors that open into a beautiful kitchen is so romantic! Swoon!

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