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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Fun & Fancy

I really enjoyed designing and decorating the Fun & Fancy suite. It is sooo different from the rest. This suite has a lilac purple wall color. The young lady who lived in this room before we bought the house had recently painted it to be exactly what she wanted. I vowed to keep it, for a time. I love it! I decided instead of the natural wood work we would go with silver. The headboard and side tables were spray painted to get the look I was hoping for.

This suite is very spacious. It has a Queen Size bed, and a double futon style sofa bed.  A large TV can be viewed from the bed or couch.

After a few months I realized that a suite with a couple twin size beds would be very helpful for many of our guests. The walk-in closet was turned into sleeping quarters. One of these days I will take out the closet shelving, but for now, it easily holds these extra beds, making it our only suite that will hold 5. More than one group of guests has commented that in the twin space it feels like sleeping in a tree house. Maybe I should paint the inside to look like a tree? I am not sure that I am that ambitious!

The young lady I spoke of earlier, spent painstaking hours taping off and painting this zig-zag pattern on the walls of the powder room in turquoise, grey and white and I LOVE IT! So, of course its here to stay. This room is a good size space with shower/tub combination and lots of counter space.

Fun & Fancy is at the end of the hall on the second floor. It's quiet, has lots of natural light and you can see the barn and animals out the windows!

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