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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Blue Diamond Jewelers

Blue Diamond Jewelers

Blue Diamond Jewelers

For 30 years, the expert artisans at Blue Diamond Jewelers have been creating and preserving stunning jewelry. All repairs are done in-store with a quick turn around time so you don’t have to be away from your precious jewelry for weeks. 
They specialize in creating unique new jewelry and in preserving your jewelry to last for generations. Their jeweler believes that what he does is an art form, and takes pride in his work. Everything they create is a masterpiece. 

Blue Diamond Jewelers, the experienced jewelers specialize in the following:
Custom Jewelry
Jewelry Repair
Engagement Rings
Watch Batteries

Recently our family went to Blue Diamond Jeweler for a family activity night..opening an oyster to find a pearl inside! These oysters have lab created pearls that are all beautiful, bright colors.

Charlie lucked out and got twins! So did Cameron. So cool!

Look at these beautiful pearls!

Then, Blue Diamond can take those pearls and insert them into the jewelry of your choice! 

We chose to put them in pendants of the Missouri Star and a Sewing Machine.

Blue Diamond Jewelers is located at 103 South Davis in Hamilton, Missouri. That's just one block south of the Missouri Star Quilt Shops and next to Nellie's Sweet Shoppe.
If you need jewelry customization, re-sizing, or just want to find a variety of the highest quality jewelry available in Hamilton, MO, visit Blue Diamond Jewelers.

Don't worry we washed down the countertop at Home Inn Hamilton really good when we were all done!

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