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Friday, February 15, 2019

Cathedral of Junk

Cameron's Heaven on Earth!

One the list of things to do in Austin Texas, was the Cathedral of Junk.
Right away, we knew this was right up our alley!
Quite literally, this man began stacking and welding junk together in his backyard. Not without a plan, though, as it has openings to come and go throughout. 

There is a section of all yellow items.

I loved that he found enough stuff for color coded sections!

You know me, searching for the sewing machine that has to be in this old stack somewhere!

How did I get a selfie of Nick? I dunno, but I am glad that I did!!

This section is where you can go upstairs to the second and third floors. Yes, this stands 3 stories tall!!

We were just astonished by his totally eclectic and cool tower of junk. He has been amassing the items for years. What started out a lot smaller grew over time. Eventually the city of Austin made him submit plans for the structure and he has to keep a current business license. It is by appointment only, cash donations accepted and appreciated. A fun and quirky touristy stop!

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