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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Texas Waffles

It may sound silly but finding a hotel with waffles shaped like TEXAS!?! One of the highlights of our trip!! LOL.

 As you can see we made quite a few of these beauties. We couldn't get enough! Is it possible that Texas shaped waffles taste better than regular waffles? Maybe!!

 We surely enjoyed continental breakfast at our hotels for the first few days. Then we were ready for a larger variety of cereal, haha!! Either way, having someone make breakfast for me for a change was WEIRD!! Ryan makes breakfast often, especially when we don't have guests at the house, but having someone else make it all together just felt nuts~ most days I just ate a yogurt and granola or a piece of fruit. I was ready to get home to Croissant French Toast and REAL biscuits and gravy..the stuff from the can is nasty, y'all!

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