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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Little Miss

I was delighted to hear that Miss Montana and her mom and grandmas were returning to Home Inn Hamilton for a retreat week in 2017. The first time they came, I lived in Utah and missed out on this little cutie sitting at her own machine and sewing together a quilt top at four years old. Well she was back and did it again!!

With the help of her family she laid out the quilt on the floor and picked it up square by square and put it together. I was astonished. She is only 5!! I absolutely love this princess quilt and the princess that made it!

Another reason to celebrate was watching these two hit it off! They cracked us up. Hours of play! First thing when Jack woke up "Where is Montana?" Adorable! The played "pretend" and delighted in their joy of hatchimals together. We look forward to Montana's next visit. And Jill you are welcome too!

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