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Saturday, February 23, 2019


Les & Joyce Schroeppel

THIS!! These two people right here. THIS is what life is ALL about! 
Do you know that my grandparents have 11 children, 51 grandchildren and pushing 100 great grands? WHAT!? How? I will tell you how, LOVE. 
My grandparents share LOVE with each other and everyone else too. They serve. They give. Why? Their love for their Savior, Jesus Christ. That's it!
If I learn anything in this life is to love the Lord they way they showed thru word and action. 
Grandpa has been gone almost 8 years now, but grandma just keeps plugging along. She knows that Christ will bring her back with her husband again someday. So she keeps loving, she keeps serving and we are blessed to have her example, laugh and embrace each day of this journey. Love you Grandpa and Grandma and Thank You!

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