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Sunday, February 10, 2019


Yes you read that right!! A toilet seat muesum! We were more than thrilled, DELIGHTED, to come across this unusual museum in San Antonio, Texas. Over a thousand toilet seats each telling a story.   What is a museum if it doesn't tell a story? This story is awesome!!

Barney Smith, the 90 something year old "curator" of this museum was a riot! He barely hobbled out from his home to the garage where he opened the door to reveal his collection of artwork, all on toilet seats. This collection is more than just art, it's a history museum as well! Barney had seats documenting most large events in the United States over the last 75 years. This one, has an actual piece of The Challenger space shuttle.            How cool is that? This is the "Million Dollar Toilet Seat".  It has a million shredded dollars glued to it's face. WHAT!? 

 As we walked around the garage, converted museum, we found story after story. Barney sat in his char and would say, "8 seats down on your right, 3rd row from the top is the..." and proceed to tell us the story behind that seat. He knew where all of them were. He had a story or three for each! It was awesome. Someone made a seat for Barney with a trophy that said "King of the Commode". He proudly displays it!

 Barney keeps meticulous records. Each person visiting the museum was asked to sign in. He also has everyone sign a seat! Then, next to your name on the guest list, he records which seats you signed while you were there? How do you qualify to sign a seat? Well, whatever fits into your story! For instance, we all signed the Missouri Seat. (the one Bdog is holding). A Missouri License plate is on the front and signatures cover the rest, with the date of when you visit.  Ryan signed the Eagle Scout seat. We found a seat that was signed by the Senior Center of Springville Utah. Another item to add to his collection. 

This was categorized as the World's Widest Toilet Seat. Haha. He had just cut a seat in half and added a board in between!!

As you can see here, one for every olympics, one with a piece of Sadam Hussein's toilet glued to a seat, one for every state, one for every president (I like that idea), one for every Anniversary he and his wife shared before her passing. He has journaled his life and his history in toilet seats.

We really enjoyed this crazy museum. More than what we saw, though, we enjoyed the man behind it. We stuck around for a while and did a little service for Barney. We were happy to discover that so many people had enjoyed his museum for so long that it would be moving from his home garage, in a regular neighborhood, to an ACTUAL MUSEUM. His hometown will be honoring him but displaying each seat in the Barney Smith Toilet Seat Museum near Dallas, Texas. 
Go, enjoy his sweet collection, but more than that, enjoy the man that built it!

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