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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Quilt Market

My first time to International Quilt Market in Houston was AMAZING!

My brain was full, my heart was even fuller and my feet hurt like crazy! A WIN!!

I had no idea what to expect, but what I found was a world where every arm was open, every person ready to meet someone new, every product ready to hit the market with a bang, and every smile reaching every smile even though we all knew that all were exhausted beyond belief!

One of the things I was looking to the very most were meeting in person all of those from Aurifil that had helped us so much with the World's Largest Spool of Thread. This company went so far out of the way to help us with that project and then also assisted in getting us to market! They are wonderful and their booth!!!!

Look at the flower arrangements. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Standing anywhere near the booth there was this beautiful aroma that permeated. LOVE!! Leave it to our friends from Italy to bring gorgeous arrangements like that!

There was a meet and greet for all to come and talk to the new Aurifilosophers. Of course, I have a favorite in Karen Miller with Redbird Quilt Co. She is one of the most genuine, loving and passionate people I have met. She pours her whole soul into everything she does. Also, she was our connection to Aurifil and she is one of my biggest cheerleaders.

I didn't take many pictures at market. With all the hustle and bustle I just forgot! It was nice to see faces that I recognized from Hamilton in Caleb, Nancy, Ron and Jenny from MSQC. Also Moda designers that have stayed with us Lynne Hagemeier with Kansas Troubles and Barb and Mary with Me and My Sisters. Crazy as it sounds, Meg was there and I never ran into her. WEIRD!!

One fun story was when I ran into a very familiar face, but why? Then it came back to me... it was Pat Waelder from Hickory Stick quilt shop in Hannibal. I love her quilt shop and loved  (& was a little embarrassed that) she remembered me and my name! I may have a little fabric buying addiction!!

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