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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Juan in a Million

So, when you are in Texas you look for good Mexican Food. When we heard the name of this place we knew that we couldn't go wrong. I give you  "Juan in a Million"

We were in what most would call a sketchy neighborhood. (That is when you KNOW its gonna be good!) And, then when we arrived to a hole in the wall (another good sign) place, we are golden!

Next sign for a good mexican restaurant is that you are the only light skinned people there including the staff (not trying to be insensitive, but telling you how to find good food). AND BOY OH BOY it was good food! 
The chips were deep fried, perfectly salty and made from scratch. The tortillas, yummo. The salsa made your nose run...yep, that's what I like! Every dish was well made with good size portions. I don't know when we will be in Austin again, but I will definitely make Juan in a Million a stopping place! 

This is my brother Nick. He and his sweet wife live in Austin and we were so happy to spend some time with them there. Unfortunately Nicole was at work when we went to Juan in a Million. I hope Nick treats her to a date there sometime. She would enjoy it!

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