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Monday, February 4, 2019

Everything is Bigger in TEXAS

When we heard about the World's Largest Pair of Cowboy Boots, you KNOW we had to go see them. These are on display along a busy road outside a mall. You can see them from the freeway and they just crack me up! How awesome are they!?

They were constructed really well, obviously not leather or they would've been blue. (Babe and the Big Blue Ox) The details were awesome. From the texture and colors in the paint to the exactness of the dimensions. Awesome!

We had to walk around to the backside so Jack could have his picture with these "huge aloe vera plants" LOL. Also, at one point someone bored a hole into the heal of one of the boots and was living out of it! Yup!! So we walked around back to see where they had patched the bad boys up! This was a fun stop for us, especially since we had just completed the World's Largest Spool of Thread right here in Hamilton just a six weeks earlier!

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