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Monday, February 11, 2019

The Alamo

Remember the Alamo!

We are going to need to dig deep for this one. Haha! I was so in love with the Alamo that I didn't take hardly any pictures! Some places within do not allow pictures, but how I missed the places that did? We spent a few hours at the Alamo and I was fascinated by all of the displays, the grounds, the trees, the video, the construction. Beautiful!

The Alamo is an important part of American & Mexican history. It is one the events that shape modern day America. I believe that many of the stories, like this one, are being lost in our history books, but we should know about them, study them and learn from them!

To be honest, when I was the age of my oldest boys, the only thing I knew about the Alamo was from PeeWee Herman's Big Adventure! Haha! I am glad that I have dug deeper into it's history and learned more about the events that took place there. 

Now, the construction. Who doesn't love the beauty of this building? Spanish construction is so striking to me. So "period" looking. I enjoy wandering thru old buildings and only wished I could have run my hands along the walls. I am sure plenty of people do, but I was obedient and didn't. Rats!

The pecan trees had dropped their nuts and we fed them to the Koi fish that were swimming around in the canals at the Alamo. These guys were huge! And boy oh boy did they love us feeding them pecans. A few visitors to the Alamo had paper bags that they were collecting pecans in to take home and snack on for themselves! The koi were all different colors and up to 2 feet long. 

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