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Saturday, February 2, 2019


  We went to Texas at the end of October. We traveled all around the state, hitting most of the big cities. On on way back home, we made a surprise pit stop. It was a little out of the way, but we knew the boys would absolutely be nuts over it. We pretended like we were stopping at another antique store. (there had been 20 plus of these stops along the road) When we pulled in the parking lot and told them everyone needed to get out, they didn't look up, they didn't question, just got out of the car, like they always do. (Super easy going kids).
And then to their surprise, we were at Dude Perfect headquarters!
They were so excited to see their trucks parked out front. How cool!?! Of course, we had to pose and get a picture with the those. Unfortunately, there isn't a place to go in. We knew that before we went. But we couldn't be that close and not stop. THESE BOYS LOVE DUDE PERFECT!! Like love on an obsessed level!

Then, while we were out front the USPS pulled up to deliver the mail. Perfect opportunity to catch one of the guys, right? The boys laughed and then got all excited when their producer answered the door for the mail carrier.  A silly stop, but AMAZING! They were so glad that we stopped.

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