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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Texas Quilt Museum

One of the stops along the way was in LaGrange Texas. Not a large town, by any means, but a definite stop along our journey because it is home to the TEXAS QUILT MUSEUM

 You are first welcomed to the museum by beautiful gardens and a gorgeous quilt wall mural! Immediately I went right up to examine the beauty of this painted art! This artist must have spent hours painstakingly taping off and painting each color in each quilt block and pattern. Absolutely beautiful!

The detail on each of these painted quilts was astonishing. They could've easily painted large barn blocks and all who came to the museum would've appreciated them. BUT THESE!!? Wonderfully done!

And the garden itself was very well done. It was surrounded by a cute picket fence, had a sun dial and a beautiful pergola dripping with vines. A wonderful place to wander and take it all in.

Of course inside the museum there were dozens of beautiful quilts. They had a traveling Kaffe exhibit as well as a few local quilts that were very well done. They didn't allow photos inside the museum. This is something that I am very much against! WE need to show off their beauty!! They would allow for us to be pictured with ONE quilt of our choice. This is the one the boys chose...

Randomly about 20 minutes outside of town on our way to the museum I got a text from MSQC's own Jenny. She said she and Ron were headed to the museum. WHAT!? Awesome. We enjoyed chatting with them there as we wandered and adored the quilts. There were some fans from the Waco Jenny on the Road too, so that was fun for them to ooh and ahh over her. Somehow we didn't even think to take a picture. But it was fun running into each other far away from Quilt Town USA and Hamilton!

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