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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Jenny on the Road to Texas!

Jenny on the Road!! Waco, Texas

It was so fun having all the kids with us on this trip. These littles had a blast together and of course, were completly enamoured with Jaylynn. She is the best!

Smart enough to take a quick picture of Meg with the boys. I don't know how, though, that these are the only pictures I captured all day!?! We were hopping, it was awesome!

So, we drove down to Waco to volunteer with Missouri Star Quilt Company for Jenny's on the Road trunk show. Two packed houses of guests! Jackson and Charlie were greeters to hold the doors and say hello! Cameron, Brandon and Ryan were parking attendants. ( A TON OF CARS!) and I helped with Registration. I had a small panic attack mid-day when I counted the tshirts and we were short nearly 75 shirts!! Then, Meg calmed me down, said the Lord always makes it work out, and walked away! WHAT!? How could she be so calm. About 30 minutes later we found another case of shirts and the crisis was averted. How does she do that!? 
Between the two shows we helped clean the theater and restock the pop up shop for the next group of attendees. I really like helping stock the merchandise. After the second show, I helped shout out the daily deal and sell "on the road exclusive" quilt kits. SO FUN!
After all the guests had gone we began the task of take down. The boys were a ton of help with this and we were so glad to have their young energetic souls to push us to get it done and of course their muscles to haul it out. All the MSQ employees kept commenting on how much faster it went with the boys help!
I am so glad that I could go help. I am SOOO glad when we get to volunteer and see Meg in action, she is amazing! And of course, watching Jenny in her trunk shows is absolutely a blast! So, yes, we had a great time and were glad we could go and volunteer!

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