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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Snow, snow and more snow!

My first few experiences with winter in Hamilton were relatively mild. We did have some freezing rain each January and January 2018 was bitter cold, but other than that, compared to Utah winters it was a breeze! Maybe a few inches of snow fall total and a few snow days (freezing rain days if we are being honest). This year however, yowza!

The winter season started out a little crazy and should have been the indicator for how this winter would go. A snow storm in October? Yes. It has just continued to "snowball" from there! 

Although we are homeschooled, we do participate in seminary. This is an early morning bible study class that takes place in our "Man Cave" every school day. When there is no school, no seminary. Unfortunately this year there have been so many school cancellations/seminary cancellations. As a matter of fact there were 10 snow days just in the month of January! Here we are most of the way thru February and it is echoing January. Snow, snow and more snow. Ice, ice and more ice. AND LOTS OF NO SCHOOL SNOW DAYS! Half of all school days have been cancelled due to weather. Unfortunately for my children, a snow day is still a school day. Although we have managed to make snow forts part of our engineering classes and sledding part of our science and math classes!

We are told that this years snow fall is more than the last 3 years combined. And, it looks as if by the end of the season we will have been able to combine the last 5 years of snowfall. We may complain a little bit, however, with the drought we have experienced the last few years, and especially the dire conditions our area experienced summer 2018, we welcome all the snow pack possible. This is a blessing and the farmers in our area are rejoicing and hoping for great conditions for the coming growing season.

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